Brand Standards


To provide a consistent brand identity Kadlec has a custom typeface aptly named Kadlec Pro, that is to be used in all communication products. We moved away from the antiquated sans-serif typeface of years past, and have refined it with better symmetry, clean lines, and sharper accents. We are a modern brand and a leader in our field, and our typeface must communicate that. Kadlec Pro does.

Kadlec Pro is to be used primary for headlines and other shorter, more prominent text applications. Our secondary typeface, used for body copy and generally larger volumes of text, is Myriad Pro.


Kadlec Pro can be obtained for free from Kadlec’s Marketing Department. Myriad Pro must be purchased from a font foundry online if your computer does not have it installed.

Kadlec Pro
Used primarily for headlines, this custom font is available in three weights, and intentionally does not include an italic version.


Myriad Pro
Used primarily for body copy, this classic sans serif font is available in multiple weights. All weights are available for use at the designer’s discretion.


Myriad Pro may be substituted with the system font, Calibri, if the user doesn’t have access to Myriad Pro. Kadlec Pro does not have a system alternative.


Used in "upscale" marketing pieces. Examples include: invitations, Plastic's event material, special events, etc.