Brand Standards

Color Palette

Color is perhaps the strongest emotional driver among brand components. This deceptively simple visual asset creates psychological associations, and influences opinion. It is also a strong determinant of consumer recall and recognition. Kadlec’s color palette has been refined to support core brand values and an accurate representation of the brand personality.

It is crucial that every color used in Kadlec’s communication media is in accordance with the provided specifications, and verified before publishing.


When printing communication products, always request a proof and compare the result against Pantone®’s color matching system. When using digital files, be aware that color modes, profiles, and file types will influence color accuracy.

Kadlec’s two Primary colors are Blue and Gold, while Gray and Slate are considered Secondary or supporting colors. Refer to these color values for all applications, and do not deviate.

For 4-color printing, you will primarily use the CMYK values. For on-screen mediums, use the RGB or HEX values.

Blue and Gold should never be tinted (lightened) or shaded (darkened). However, Gray and Slate may be tinted based on the designer’s discretion, as represented to the right. However, do not shade the Gray or the Slate.

Kadlec Color Palette