Brand Standards


We’re proud to be a part of Kadlec and the valuable services it provides to the community. A key way we can show that pride and be identified as part of the Kadlec team is by wearing Kadlec branded apparel.

As with the rest of the Kadlec brand standards, Kadlec apparel is to be guided by some simple rules that keep Kadlec’s brand clear and uniform. Kadlec apparel may include three of the following four categories of information:

  1. Kadlec Signature (required on all apparel) - Always placed on the left breast, the Kadlec Signature may stand alone, or may be locked up with a business unit in an approved Business Unit Signature. No other information may be present on the left breast.
  2. Department (optional) - The Department may be placed on EITHER the right breast, the left cuff, or on the upper back.
  3. Employee Name (optional) - The employee name, if present, may only exist on the right breast.
  4. Location (optional) - The location (example: West Richland Primary Care) may be placed on EITHER the left cuff or on the upper back.
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