Brand Standards

Location Tag 2-Line

In order to assign specific locations/facilities to a particular advertisement or promotion, the Location Tag may be used. This element lives in the left-footer of a given canvas, and typically broadcasts the city and physical address of the location being promoted.

The Location Tag simplifies our communication material as it takes the guesswork and complexity out of displaying contact information. This component also sets the standard for how additional information—like website URLs and phone numbers— is positioned on a canvas.


Contact Kadlec’s Marketing Department for more information.

While the first line of the Location Tag is generally reserved for the city in which the location resides, it may also be used for referencing specific facilities, like the Don and Lori Watts Pediatric Center.

The second line of the Location Tagis reserved for more detailed contact information pertaining to the city or facility. However, it may also reference a digital location like a website, Facebook, or Twitter URL.

Color Formats
The Location Tag should almost always be applied in the Full Color Positive version seen here.

However, a wide variety of other formats are available, as detailed on the Signature Colors page.