Brand Standards

Partner Branding

Kadlec routinely collaborates with various partners and sponsors within the community and beyond. This spirit of community and collaboration is one of the qualities that makes us unique, and is an enduring core value. With that, we have standards for how partnership identities are to be associated with our Signature on communication products.

This governance ensures that both parties receive consistent and appropriate visibility. When Kadlec is the primary partner/sponsor, the entirety of the Brand Standards are to be implemented, not only these Partner-Branding Standards.

When Kadlec is the secondary partner/sponsor, we submit to the brand standards of the primary party, so long as our Signature standards are not violated.


Always obtain high-resolution artwork from the partnering organization; vector files are preferable.

The proper construction of a partner branded lockup depends on the partner’s Signature dimensions. Partner Signatures fall into three basic categories based on the footprint of their logo: horizontal, vertical, and square.

Partner-Branded lockups are always arranged left-to-right, not stacked top-to-bottom.


Horizontal Footprint
If the Signature’s footprint is predominantly horizontal in nature, follow the construction rules using Washington State University.

Vertical/Square Footprint
If the partner Signature’s footprint is more vertical or even square in nature, follow the construction rules using the American Red Cross.