Brand Standards

Vertical Mechanics

The Vertical arrangement of Kadlec’s suite of Business Unit Signatures is represented here. While the Horizontal Arrangement is the preferred version, the Vertical option is ideal for products where horizontal space is limited. These two arrangements may be used interchangeably on communication products at the designer’s discretion, according to Design System specifications, detailed later in this document.


Never attempt to recreate these Signatures by typesetting them.

More Detail

Horizontal Mechanics

Vertical Mechanics

Color Variations

Clear Zone
The protected area around Kadlec’s Business Unit Signatures—as indicated by the dotted perimeter margin—ensures that no other elements interfere with them. The size of the clear zone is defined by the height/width of the letter ‘K’ in our Logotype.

Respect the clear zone boundaries represented here. This margin does not allow any other design element to intrude into it, unless approved by Kadlec’s Marketing Department.