Brand Standards

Horizontal Mechanics

Within a parent company like Kadlec, there are often secondary brands which may include divisions, specific business units, and other programs that require distinct Signatures. The most successful way to achieve this is to preserve the integrity and prominence of the Primary Signature, and use a text-based convention to identify the various sub-brands in conjunction with it.

Our organization is a Monolithic brand architecture, where various secondary brands share and provide direct equity with the parent brand. The most important secondary brands in our organization are our five Business Units. As such, these five Business Units are afforded the highest degree of visual prominence for their Signatures.

The Business Units have two orientations of their respective Signatures, which include a Horizontal and Vertical arrangement, depending on space requirements.

The Horizontal arrangement represented here is the preferred version.


Never attempt to recreate these Signatures by typesetting them.

More Detail

Horizontal Mechanics

Vertical Mechanics

Color Variations

Clear Zone
The protected area around Kadlec’s Business Unit Signatures—as indicated by the dotted perimeter margin—ensures that no other elements interfere with them. The size of the clear zone is defined by the height/width of the letter ‘K’ in our Logotype.

Respect the clear zone boundaries represented here. This margin does not allow any other design element to intrude into it, unless approved by Kadlec’s Marketing Department.